5 Unique Keychain Designs & Keychain Design Ideas

5 Unique Keychain Designs & Keychain Design Ideas

Resin keychains

If you are looking for a unique keychain, then resin keychains will probably be what you find. They make them by pouring the resin into different shaped and sized molds. There is no limit to what they can create with a resin keychain. Even color options are pretty limitless! Sometimes, small items like a flower, rocks, glitter, or even gold flakes get put into the resin before it hardens to become part of the inside of the keychain. The flexibility in shape makes it easy to find resin keychains shaped like the first letter of your name, or maybe an animal or another specific form. Below is a picture of some unique resin keychains.

100% wood keychains

Wood keychains are, well, exactly as they sound. They are wood keychains. The coolest part about them, aside from the variety of crazy shapes available, is that you can find some with super unique laser engravings. Sometimes you can even get custom designs lasered into your wood keychain! Some of the most memorable keychains you can get are 100% wood. All different kinds of timber get used: walnut, bamboo, or even maple. It is cool to have a piece of a tree from somewhere that gets made into a valuable little trinket. Below is a laser engraved wood keychain. 

Tassel keychains

Keychains with tassels are very fun. They are almost as satisfying as a fidget spinner. There are so many colors of tassel keychains to choose from, and many have dazzling beads and extra glam on them. The tassels can be big or small and get made from many things like string, leather, and clay! There is lots of freedom to find and choose the best tassel keychain, with many options everywhere. They can be bright and flashy or modest and simple. The variety and availability of tassel key chains are terrific. If you keep your eyes open, you really can't miss them. Check out these awesome tassel keychains right below.  

Metal Keychains

Metal Keychains seem to be just about everywhere too. The metal keychains are popular souvenir keychains from various places, like the zoo, the Eiffel tower, a baseball game, or Disneyland. Metal keychains are around in many other places too. Many simply being neat shapes or designs that catch your eye. You can even find old silverware that gets made into splendid little keychains. The structure of metal keychains can be very complex, even if they are small. Many will have moving or spinning pieces that are fun to play with, like a fidget spinner. The details of metal keychains make them very appealing and engaging. Here are some examples of metal keychains below. 

Leather Keychains

Not only do leather keychains look good, but they can also be super functional. A leather strip with a clasp or carabiner on one end and a keyring on the other can be super handy for your daily keys or keys specific to something like your boat or storage unit. You don't need the utility factor, but it is always great. If you are looking for style, you can find many stamped leather bands or strips constructed into keychains and sometimes stamped with designs or images. For the best leather keychains topping both the style and functionality charts, check out keychaincollective.com. Get unique keychains here! The look and durability of these leather keychains are top-notch. You will be ready to try a new color or design before you ever need to replace it. Every leather keychain from the keychain collective gets made from premium veg-tan leather, laser engraved, cut to shape, and finally assembled locally in Southern California. Check out all the colors and designs they have for you to pick out!
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